Categories of the Microcom Design Product Line

Microcom standard products include satellite transmitters, antennas, desktop and rack mount satellite receivers, test sets and software tracking and database tools. Text about the Products and how our customers use the different categories of the products will do here. This will cover the needs of customers and how these categories will work to solve the needs.


GTX 1.0  

Satellite and GOES DCS Products

View our Satellite and GOES DCS Products.


Sensor Interface

Vew our line of Sensor Interface Products.

Ultrasonic Wind Sensor  

Sensors and Data Acquisition Products

We offer unique Microcom sensors as well as sensors from 3rd parties that have been selected to allow construction of complete application stations and networks from a wide variety of applications.


Ancillary Equipment

A number of auxiliary products are offered such as power supplies, cables, and mounting hardware which are the necessary peripheral items needed to complete sensing applications.


Configured Systems

The configured systems such as the Xpress package are complete data acquisition and sensor packages designed for a compete site set up. These configured systems use unique packaging and power systems designed to simplify and reduce user costs for sensing and collecting environmental data.