Microcom Design, Inc. was founded in 1975. For the last 30 years the company has prospered behind the scenes designing and manufacturing line-of-sight radio, satellite communications, data acquisition, and embedded microprocessor equipment that were sold under the brand names of some of the largest companies in their respective industries. Microcom has now expanded into the environmental marketplace under their own brand. Microcom is housed in a modern 12,500 sq. ft. facility located in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Microcom specializes in the design and manufacture of environmental data collection and communication. Microcom products include design, testing , manufacturing, and delivery of totally integrated environmental monitoring systems.

Microcom Design is located in Hunt Valley, 18 miles from downtown Baltimore, and approximately 30 miles from Baltimore Washington International Airport.

Microcom Design, Inc.
10948 Beaver Dam Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland USA 21030

Tel: 410-771-1070
Fax: 410-771-0018